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I would like to point out an exception to Stan Goodman's comment that
cemeteries do not have the location of the person's death in their databases. I
can only speak for a landsmannshaften organization's information at Mt. Hebron
Cemetery in Queens, NY. Their burials are in a database which includes,
internment number, name, age, date of burial, when the person died, *death at*,
organization, and, of course, location of the grave. Sometimes the location of
death is a hospital, a nursing home, or the person's actual home. I do not know
if their databases include the same information for individual plots, i.e., in
non organizational locations.
I, too, have found the workers in the cemetery offices very helpful and
pleasant. Clearly, they are caring people who are properly trained to be
understanding and to do whatever they can to assist family members of the
deceased. At least this has been my experience.
Mimi Simon

Teaneck, NJ

SIMON/SLAPAK - Sislavitz, Belarus; NYC; SLOTNIK - same
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