Re: How to recruit JewishGenners in Russia, Poland or Ukrain #general

Jules Levin

Dear Genners. It's a pitty that there is nobody >from Russia,Poland or Ukrain
in our discussion(according to the emails). There are our roots and there we
must consentrate our searches. The question is how to "force" them to
contact?They can help us in our search in archives,cemetaries, etc. I would
be very happy if we could discuss it. It can be very helpful
Best wishes
Wajsenberg Mark
I am also on a Slavic academic list that has quite a few correspondents in the
former USSR.
I can send a message requesting to post an announcement inviting interested
people to join this list. Perhaps our list managers can compose the message
with the appropriate links and I will post it.
The Jewish communities of Lithuania and of St Petersburg have web sites
(I'm sure there are others, but these I know of specifically.) You can get
them by googling. They have contact email addresses.
Again, an invitation to join this list might bring in some people.
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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