Odp: Re: How to recruit JewishGenners in Russia, Poland or Ukraine #general

Julia Koszewska <julia_koszewska@...>

Dear Genners,
We have talked about it several times. If u need some help >from Poland I'm native
polish speaker and i live here- in capital of Poland, Warsaw. and i hope i'll be
able to help U, so please contact me privately if u need something >from Poland
or maybe some translations >from polish into english (or french). if i only have
time i'm translating some polish records which u post on JewishGen.
but if u need some official organization >from Poland, there is still an agenda
of Lauder Foundation, which with cooperation with national Jewish Historical
Institute has genealogical branch- specialized of course wish Jewish roots in
Poland (or former area of Poland). People who work for this branch of Lauder's
Foundation are members of this discussion group.
Best regards- Julia

"mark" < mark306@... > wrote in message

Dear Genners. It's a pitty that there is nobody >from Russia,Poland or Ukrain
in our discussion(according to the emails). There are our roots and there we
must consentrate our searches. The question is how to "force" them to
contact? They can help us in our search in archives,cemetaries, etc. I would
be very happy if we could discuss it. It can be very helpful
Best wishes
Wajsenberg Mark
First of all let us not talk about forcing anyone to do anything - although
I know you put it in inverted commas.

There must be genealogical bodies - whether Jewish or otherwise - in these
countries.< snip >
Nick Landau
London, UK

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