Jacob and Vicki KARNO relocated to Destin, Florida #general

Eileen Polakoff <eileenpolakoff@...>

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I've just heard >from Vicki and they are fine. They had a front row seat to
Hurricane Katrina but managed to get out of New Orleans to avoid the
devastation that followed. They have relocated to Destin for at least 2 or 3
months where they are renting an apartment. Their friends are pleased to
hear they are fine and as Vicki says "we'll survive" as we all know is the
hope for everyone on the Gulf Coast.

Some of you may not know that JewishGen's president and founder Susan King
called New Orleans home for a very long time. I don't know if any family are
still living there but they certainly must be. I do know that her heart is
hurting as she sees the devastation everywhere in her hometown.

Two of my colleagues >from the world of professional genealogy have missing
family members. Professional genealogist Jane Aprill, also a member of the
JGS of New Orleans, reports her doctor husband is missing. He stayed in NO
during the hurricane to help keep medical facilities open and functioning.
And John and Barbara Wylie, professional genealogists >from Houston, have not
heard >from their 35 year old son Joe since Monday right after the storm.
There are certainly others >from the wide world of genealogists who are in
similar or worse circumstances. We are all praying for them and that they
are all found safe soon.

My prayers are with everyone in America today as this devastation hits all
of us.

Eileen Polakoff

MODERATOR NOTE: Last night genner Susan Bergman Meehan reported that her
son had been helping his New Orleans neighbors to safety, but had not been
heard >from afterward. Please keep them in your thoughts as well.

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