Understanding #general

ac <anitac47@...>

I hope (but often I'm not sure) that the English-speaking folks on this
list realize that many contributors to the list are neither native nor
fluent speakers of English. They are using dictionaries or (unfortunately)
online translating sites to ask questions or respond. I'm not sure how many
of you are aware of this but even the simple English word "run" has over 50

It would be nice if when any of us reply, we use simple phrases, avoid
idiomatic expressions, and give the person the benefit of the doubt. If you
want to encourage folks >from other countries (and hence possible sources of
assistance for you as well) to participate, it would be nice to give them
support and understanding (and perhaps some more appropriate English to use
in their inquiries).

Anita Citron
Hicksville, NY
Searching: NADWORNY: everywhere, anywhere

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