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Hello To All

I am seeking any information on my MENDELSON ancestors. Is there anyone
out there who may have known them or are descended >from them. Samuel &
Louis Mendelson are siblings to my great-grandmother
Anna(Mendelson)Rakoff. My great-grandmother died in 1980. I am trying
to find the death date of Samuel/Sam Or Louis. I don't have a lot of
information to go on. I believe that Samuel probably died after 1949,
for I believe he is in the photos of my grandmothers wedding in new
york in june of 1949.

I also have naturalization papers on my great-grandmother >from 1958,
and both Louis & Samuel are listed as witnesses. My problem is I know
they lived and died in New york but not where or when. I do know that
Samuels wife Is named Emma. Also what makes it more difficult is the
spelling of the last name. I am not sure if they spelled it as
mendelson or mendelsohn. When I look in the social security death index
for Samuel I get too many possibles.

So I am seeking help >from anyone who may have known them. My
great-grandmother and her family lived in Brooklyn, so perhaps her
brothers did as well. According to my great-grandmother's social
security application her parents were listed as Max & Baila Reva
Mendelson. All advice and help is appreciated. I believe they were all
originally >from russia possibly minsk.

Sarah Greenberg

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