Meaning of term "Rev" in obituary - see text #general

Howie Axelrod <highwind1@...>

The text of my GGF's obit >from the newspaper contains the following
text. (note: He was an Orthodox Rabbi and a leader of the Scranton,
PA religious community for 22 years).

"Final tribute will be paid the deceased at 10 o'clock this morning
with services in the Synagogue. Rabbi B. Davidson, Wilkes-Barre and
Rabbi H. Guterman, this city, will have charge. They will be assisted
by Rev. H. Kran and Rev. J. Glasman, this city"

What is the meaning of the term "Rev"? I have seen this term used
before as in "Rev. J. Schwartz - Rabbi". Is Rev a term for a Rabbi, or
a reference to a non-jewish "Reverend"?

MODERATOR NOTE: There was a similar question earlier this year that
drew many responses. Search for the word "Reverend" in the archives at

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