Sobedruhy Jewish History website #austria-czech

Julian H. Preisler

Dear List Members:

My grandfather, Karl Preisler, was born in
Teplice-Sobedruhy, CZ in 1893. I have traced his
mother's family back to the early 1700's in this
village whose inhabitants were once mostly Jewish.

Sobedruhy, known in German as Soborten, was one of the
oldest Jewish communities in Bohemia. The Jewish
community there ceased to exist in 1938 after the
border regions of Czechoslovakia were annexed by Nazi

I have created a modest website to serve as a virtual
memorial to this Jewish community. It is an on-going
project and I hope to continue to add materials to the
site. I would love to hear >from anyone who may have
family or ancestral connections to Sobedruhy and also
the adjacent city of Teplice. The web address is:

Thanks, Dobry Den & Shalom,

Julian H. Preisler
Falling Waters, West Virginia

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