Orthodox Burials #general


In my husband's family, the older generation of husbands and wives are
buried in the same plot, opposite each other and separated by a path.
I guess they wanted to replicate their synagogue life.

Helene Kenvin
Researching: WIESENTHAL (Skala Podolska); SCHWARTZ, WEISS, BALAJTI (Miskolc);
COHEN, WAXMAN, EINBINDER (Kalarash); COHEN (19th century Gnesen, NYC, and
Richmond VA); JACOBS (19th century NYC, Richmond VA and Albany NY), ROTHOLZ
(19th century Kansas City KS); WEISMAN (Trembovla); KHENVIN (Kiev, Kremenchug);
WALTMAN (Chotin, Zvaniec); GOODMAN (Chotin); ZEITSEV (Sofievka).

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