Re: BLOCH or BLIOKH #general

Jules Levin

At 01:46 AM 9/5/2005, Stan Goodman wrote:

The "I" that is confusing you is a consequence of a "soft sign"
following the "L" in the Russian. This character has no sound of its
own, but only modifies the sound of the "L". Another transliterator
might well have ignored it, sparing you the confusion.
There is no "soft sign" in the Russian spelling of this word. The
letters 'IO' represent a single letter, which in normal spelling
is simply E, and in school/dictionary spelling would have an 'umlaut'
sign--two dots side-by-side--over it. Moreover, if there were a soft
sign there, it would have a 'sound of its own'. Compare the nickname
Leva (L'ova) and the word bel'ye (bel'yo), 'laundry' spelled with
L + soft sign + E with umlaut. There is a clear difference in
pronunciation. In this case the soft sign represents the sound yod.
Had another transliterator ignored this and written Bloch, he would be
failing to distinguish between two different Russian spellings, which
could lead to errors down the road...
Incidently, I answered this woman's query directly about 5 minutes after
it was sent. No need to send it to Jewishgen...
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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