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Nick <tulse04-news@...>

Hi All,
On 2 Sep 2005, Stan Goodman, stated:
"Censuses, of course, can be tricky, because the
information is the unsubstantiated word of the interviewee.
You can tell an enumerator anything, and he will write it
down; that's the nature of censuses. Census data needs to be
confirmed by an independent source of the same information."
Judging >from what is written elsewhere on this newsgroup this equally
applies to other forms that have been filled in, or answers given to
officials etc.

Before the modern era, and computers, there is no way of checking that two
sets of information were precisely the same. It is only in the last few
centuries, for instance, that spelling has been standardised.

In modern Censuses post-enumeration checks are used to test how reliable the
answers to questions in the Census. In some cases, adjustments are made to
the results of the Census to take account of this.

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