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I search for the stay's proofs of my g-g-g great father Jacob HOLLANDERSKI
(or HOLLANDER, or HOLLAND, and so on) in the States, (he was born in
Vistynis about 1801), and his son Selig (or Zelig, born about 1841). It
seems that they emigrated in the U. S. between 1866 and 1870 (according to
Florian Stastik, "Polish Political Emigrees in the United States", p. 431).
We may take to end the Jacob' stay in the U.S. before April, 24 1871 (at
that time he was back in Paris).

Also it seems that Jacob and Zelig were rejoined in the U. S. by Ephraïm
HOLLANDERSKI (another Jacob's son, born in Suwalki on 1833) and his wife
Sara (HIRSCH, born on 1839), according to the mariage's acte of their
daughter Esther, which quotes she was born in New-York (United States), on
October 20, 1873. Any help will be welcome.

Reouven Frajerman (Israel)

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