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A few days ago Henry Wellisch wrote about an interesting article about
the 1754  fire in Prague in which large parts of the ghetto were

This article appeared in the "Jahrbuch der Gechichte der Juden in der
Cechoslovakischen Republik, VI Jahrgang, 1934".
In this article you can find a list of Jewish owners of destroyed
properties and the amount of their damages.

This list is a good means to compare the names of the Prague Jews you
find about 40 years later in the census of 1792/94. Some people are
still there, others already dead (or not mentioned) other again appear
under differnt names.

Anybody interested in this list should not bother to find this article
through interlibrary loan etc.
It can be found online:

Go to the following address.

Here you find not only this publication but also a lots of other
interesting jewish newspapers, journals, yearbooks etc.

Perhaps some of you alredy know this address and made already use of it.

Check it regualarly, it is updated regularly.


Peter Zimmer
Muenster, Germany

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