Chief Rabbi Justis TAL of Utrecht or Rotterdam #general


My father remembers his father telling him, possibly in the 1930s, that
his uncle was the Chief Rabbi of Utrecht or Rotterdam but my dad didn't
know his name. >from the net I see that the Chief Rabbi was Justis
TAL so I want to research this possibility.

Dr. Yehuda Klausner wrote to me that there was a Chief Ribbi of
Holland, R'Moshe Tuvya TAL. He lived around 1895 in Hague. His son
R'Zadok Justus b'Moshe Tuvya became Chief Rabbi of Utrecht
in 1918 and Chief Rabbi of Holland in 1945. R'Zadok died 14 Kislev 5755
(1994). There is nothing more about them in "Otzar HaRabbanim" (H) by
N.Z.Friedman. There are several other TALs mentioned among others
another Zadok b'Shimon TAL, most probably related to the Chief Rabbis."

Does anyone know where the TAL family was >from originally or where I
can research their lineage further? The only family names I know >from
that side of my family are NATHAN, NATHANBERG, TOBIAS and possibly MACHTUS.
The families I know about were living in Courland, Latvia in the mid 1850s
through 1911 and possibly Lithuania before that.

Thank you,
Louise Hajdenberg
New York

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