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If I decided to call myself 'John Doe', I would tell you to call me John.
Lots of entertainers do this - you see one name in Lights on Broadway, but
they are something else in 'real life'. Is this a name change? It used
to happen this simply in the US: someone would decide to be 'John Doe' and
that was their real name.

When Social Security started, that changed. You could have friends call
you John, but for anything legal, you had to get a court order or marriage
or divorce papers - something legal - before you could change your Social
Security Account, your driver's license, or your credit cards to your new
name. I know 'cause I've been there, and my divorce papers spelled my
name wrong, even though I spelled my name in court. Imagine, the court
reporter couldn't get the spelling of Bruckheimer right, so I had to get
it fixed!
My father calls himself Paul Simon Landau (I have made up these names, but
otherwise this is true) and he has called himself that >from the year dot.

Not so long ago, he looked on his birth certificate and found that, in fact,
he was names had been registered as Simon Paul, the other way around.

His parents had forgotten this, he never knew this, and it can't have
created any complications in his life, because, as I say, he just found
about it by accident.

I agree that a reversal of names is not having totally different names.

It has created no complications for him.

It is just conceivable that if he had been born in this digital age it would.

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