VM 6829-30 handwriting help needed #general

Debra Price <dsprice@...>

I have posted on ViewMate VM6829 a section of a passenger manifest and have
indicated that it is line 3 that I an interested in. The first and middle
names are clearly "Ersh Leib" but I cannot determine the last name and
would appreciate your opinions. The Americanized version of the name is
WEINER. I have also posted on VM 6830 a larger section of the same
manifest for handwriting comparison purposes.

The ViewMate address is http://data.jewishgen.org/viewmate/toview.html.
Please respond privately.
Thanks is advance for your help.
Debra Price
Plainview, NY

Also researching PRUCE, PUMPIANSKY & GOLDSTEIN families >from Eastern Europe
to Baltimore, MD

MODERATOR NOTE: The direct links to these images are:

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