A "Rabbi" who may not be a Rabbi #general

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In reply to the query re Rabbi Zupnick:

I once had a boss in a real-estate office, a learned orthodox Jew , but not
a Rabbi-who had gone to the USA as a representative to an orthodox youth
movement. One day I noticed in a column which he wrote for the organization
that he signed his name Rabbi.....

When I asked him when he got ordination he told me the following: When he
was offered the position of a shaliach (emissary) for the youth organization
they asked him to "call" himself Rabbi for the prestige value. Not wanting
to mislead anyone he went to his own Rabbi( a well known Rosh Yeshiva in
Jerusalem) who told him that if it was understood by all that he was not a
halachic authority and it was for a short specific time he would say its ok
for him to known as "Rabbi"

I bring this case in to show that there may be even written "evidence" that
a peron is a Rabbi but that the evidence should be checked before using it
as definite proof.

On the other hand there are and were many very learned people in communities
that never went on for actual ordination/smicha who are much more
knowledgeable on Jewish tradition than many ordained Rabbis.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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