Chagall's Genealogy #general


Celia wrote: <In one website he is mentioned as having being the oldest of nine
brothers. Rachel, a young sister is also mentioned as having died >from eating
coal. However we know >from his movements in 1914 that he had another sister who
married in that year and he is known to have painted other siblings too [see "My
Sister Anuta {1910}"; "My Sister Manja"; "My Brother David"; "Lisa is playing the
Mandoline", "Lisa near the Window" etc.] >

I cannot speak specifically about Chagall's genealogy, but want to remind you all
that in parlance of the FSU (former Soviet Union), "sister" does not necessarily
mean siblilng, as it does in the West. The phrases for what we call a "first
cousin" are roughly transliterated as "d'vorodnoi brat" and "d'voradnaya
sestra," which are translated as "second (brother or sister)." First cousins over
there generally refer to each other as sisters and brothers, without
distinguishing that they are what we would call cousins.

Also, as I am sure most of you know, the fact that the artist's name was Moishe
Zakharovich indicates that his father's name was Zakhar.

Helene Kenvin

Researching: WIESENTHAL (Skala Podolska); SCHWARTZ, WEISS, BALAJTI (Miskolc);
EINBINDER, COHEN, WAXMAN (Kalarash); COHEN (19th century Gnesen; NYC;
Richmond, VA); JACOBS (19th century NYC, Richmond VA, Albany NY); ROTHOLZ
(19th century Hamburg, NYC, Richmnd VA, Kansas City KS).

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