Researching for PERLIN #general

Howard Berlin

My name is Howard Berlin and I have just started researching my grandfather's
past. My grandfather's name is Abraham Perlin (changed to Berlin at immigration)
and he was born in 1881 son of Peissakh Berlin. The family lived in Mogilev
Gubernia (Belarus). I have the village where my grandfather was born as
Dubrovna and >from talking to my three aunts they talk of other towns/villages
nearby where the family could have lived. I believe that my grandfather had
three brothers and two or three uncles. I am now trying to find out their first
names. I am told that two of the brothers went to USA in early 1900's.
My grandfather came to live in UK in 1905.

Any information on the PERLIN family >from Mogilev moving to USA in early 1900's
would be very helpful.

Howard Berlin
London, UK

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