N. Main Jewish Cemetery / Providence Jewish Cemetery - Scranton, PA - any info? #general

Howie Axelrod <highwind1@...>

I have a relative who were apparently moved >from the N. Main Jewish
Cemetery in Scranton, PA (now called Providence Cemetery or
Providence Rd. Jewish Cemetery), to the Dalton Cemetery in Dalton, PA.
She was the wife of a Rabbi, and Orthodox Jews who, I am to
understand, will not allow a buried body to be moved (except to

The special circumstances surrounding this, is that there was
apparently a road widening project that required bodies to be moved.
This is not substantiated information, but rememberences of a few old
timers in the area.

The death certificates for this person clearly indicates an original
burial in the N. Main Jewish Cemetery / Providence Jewish Cemetery ,
and yet the grave was found in the Dalton. I have certified the
acuracy of this.

I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding this road
widening project, or any Idea as to the approximate date of it. Any
other information as to how the body may have been moved would be

Additionally, I am open to suggestions as to what agency might have
the records of this project, and possibly the names of those moved. If
I can get an approximate date, I might be able to dig through the
newspaper films >from that period for more information.

The state of PA will not provide any info on reinternments under law.

I am trying to solve a mystery here and all clues are appreciated.

Also, would I be able to get any information via the Freedom of
Information act?

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