Missing Castle garden manifest, maybe not? #general

robert roudman <rcroudman@...>

My first cousin twice removed Gerson (George) Millner, and his family, wife
Reive, son Israel, and daughter Lea, arrived Castle Garden New York on June
7, 1887. I found the exact record on the free Castle Garden site, this site
does yet provide manifests. When I went to a popular premium Castle Garden
site that does show the original manifests, I could not locate the manifest
for "America" for June 7, 1887. I was able to find the "America" manifest
for June 10, 1887 as the ship docked in Barbados. I assumed the ship had
left New York and sailed for Barbados. How would I go about obtaining a copy
of the Castle Garden manifest.
Thank you,
Bob Roudman
San Rafael, CA

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