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Alexander Sharon

Richard Wenig wrote

I have been talking with a lady >from Poland, who escaped >from a transport
in 1940 along with two Jewish Girls Sara (10 or 11) and Jadwiga (Harrait).

She Maria Zok spelled the town Potstawy. I have been unable to locate the
town, any ideas. The Jewish girls familly lived in the town, and had a
small store. but unknown last name.

I believe that the correct name of this town should read in Polish: Postawy.
This small town (miasteczko) was located in Vilna Province and it had about
1,000 residents (1921 census), amongst them close to 400 Jewish souls.

Current town name is Pastavy in Belarus.
Town is located 67 miles ENE >from Vilna.

Listing for Postawy's business owners is located in 1921 Poland
Business Directory. It is amazing how long is the list of the
business people (mostly Jewish names) in this town considering
how small was its population.

Direct link to Postawy in Directory:

Please also note that there are 66 entries for "Pastavy, Belarus"
in the JGFF database.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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