Edna Hoover

Searching for any references to family >from Brisk who emigrated to Safed,
Palestine about 1833 and assumed the surname ROHALD/ROHOLD/ROHALT/ROHOLT.

Baruch Bendet Mosheh Ha-Levi/ Rohald, d.1834 Safed
Naftali Yitshak Ha-Levi/ Rohald (Shohet) b.1824 Brisk, d. 1902 Jerusalem
Shabtai Shim'on Ha-Levi/ Rohald
Bracha Ha-Levi/ Rohald

Also * Menahem Mendel ben Baruch Bendet b. Shklov, Belarus, d. Safed
(might be related)
Listed in Jewish Encyclopedia as a "student of Eliyahu of
10 books...mystical
in nature...moved to Safed after death of Vilna Ga'on. Bibliography:."

I tried to sign up for the Yahoo Groups Brisk website and got bumped off
several times. There were lots of unsolicited advertisements and pop-ups
galore. I tried to access the links to family trees, but was denied access.
When I tried the surname link, nothing came up. I also tried the Brisker
organizations link and got nothing. Wouldn't it be better to put this Brisk
group directly on the JewishGen home page and make everything run smoother!

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MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen is not able to spend precious resources on duplicating
efforts. We already have a "Brisk" group working within this SIG <grin> Feel free
to join it and get active. If you have research interests in Brest, Brest-Litovsk
or even the surrounding area the Belarus SIG is the place to address those needs
and interests.The contact person for the Brest Research Group is Jenni Buch

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