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Gary Luke <gary@...>

I would like advice about any genealogy programmes to suit a specific
research purpose. Instead of researching the links within a family tree I
want to research connections across a community where most are not related
as family. There are relationships in business ventures, in living for a
period in the same neighborhood, as conflicting parties in court cases, in
arriving on the same ship, and a few are indirectly related by cousin
marrying an uncle or similar. For quite a few in the community there are
multiple types of relationships.

I have been using Generations for a number of years. It is possible to map
and report these types of relationships by using a single source reference
for the two or more in a connection, but it's a bit limited for the
necessary analysis because these reports would only show a single type of
relationship on each report.

It might need a complex relational database. Maybe it's beyond the scope of
genealogy programmes.

Thanks for any hints?

Gary Luke ~
Sydney, Australia

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