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My Grandfathe >from Russia / Polandr is alleged to have died from
"Black Bread Disease". It is apparently a Europeon term. Anyone have
any idea as to what this is?
I am not a physician and I have not heard of the disease and there is
no reference to such on Google (which I assume that you had already
checked). But I have found this reference to "Black bread mould"
(mold, US).

Any help?
Molds On Food: Are They Dangerous?

Tempeh [témpé kedelé] is soybeam fermented by white Rhizopus mold

Zygomycota - Zygomycetes - black bread molds, about 1,060 species
They cause soft fruit rot and black bread mold. Zygospores are dispersed
through the air and can remain dormant until conditions will allow them
to grow. Once they are able to grow they will then undergo meiosis and
germinate into structures, and may reproduce asexually.

Picture of a black bread mold growing on a piece of stale bread:

I would prefer matzot.
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