Migration from Shereshevo, Slonim & Minsk Area to Safed, Palestine 1750-1850 #belarus

Edna Hoover

One branch of my family tree project originates in Shereshovo, Belarus.
They seem to have moved around in the general Minsk area for about 50 years,
ended up in Slonim, Belarus and then migrated to Palestine. I have not been
able to locate any further information on the history of these families up
to 1850.

1. Dayyan Barukh SHKLOVER-SHIK (b.1740-1744-Shklov/Sklou,Belarus
sp: Not Known
2. Zlateh (b.Shereshevo,Belarus)
sp: Leib MAKHNES?
2. Aharon MINKOVSKY (b.Minsk,Belarus?)
sp: Not Known
3. Sheinah Esther-Ettel MAKHNES?
sp: Av Bes Din Karlin Yitzhak/ Itzele Ben Aharon MINKOVSKY
(b.1788?-Belarus d.1851-1852?)
3. Ya'akov Ben Aharon BARUKHIN (a.1824/1844-Karlin d.1855)
3. Av Bes Din Karlin Yitzhak/ Itzele Ben Aharon MINKOVSKY(b.1788?-Belarus
sp: Sheinah Esther-Ettel MAKHNES?
4. Ziesel MINKOVSKY (b.1807?-Shereshevo,Belarus bu.Helkat Habad,Har
sp: Uri ZOLOBRINKI-ORENSHTAYN (b.1806-Dyatlovo,Belarus
4. Sarah Nehamah MINKOVSKY

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Edna Hoover
JGFF Researcher # 66736
B'klyn NY USA
For: MAKHNES Shereshevo, Belarus
MINKOVSKY Shereshevo, Minsk, Pinsk-Karlin & Slonim, Belarus
SHKLOVER-SHIK Shklov & Slutsk, Belarus
ZOLOBRINKI Dyatlovo, Belarus

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