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Please reply privately to Gary about genealogy programmes. General advice
(not mentioning commercial programmes) will be considered for posting. Gary
is urged to post a summary of the advice he got.

Thank you to all who replied. There were a number of good suggestions but
no single programme which would cover all the aspects of research and
analysis required for mapping multilayered social relationships within the
target community of about 500. It's more a sociology than a genealogy task.

Summary of advice -
Some of the programmes are commercial, some shareware, some freeware. It
would not be possible to give a summary of others' experience without
mentioning commercial software. Note - These are not the only programmes
which do these types of jobs.

For graphic mapping of inter-personal relationships -
Sociometry Pro -
GenoPro -

For keeping track of records and information -
Clooz - (based on Access)
Bygones -
InfoSelect -

For more complex genealogical tasks -
GenealogyJ - (Java, programmable)
Genbox - <> (based on FoxPro)

I will probably use the programmes I am already familiar with - Generations
for family connections, Access for other types of relationships, VBA to
transfer data between the two programmes and to render graphic networks in
Rhino (3D Cad), and InfoSelect for general research notes.


Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 23:00:30 +1000
From: Gary Luke <>
Subject: Genealogy programme advice

I would like advice about any genealogy programmes to suit a specific
research purpose. Instead of researching the links within a family tree I
want to research connections across a community where most are not related
as family.

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