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I can't comment on the specific story, but I did go on a holiday to Bulgaria about
9 years ago organised by the European Council of Jewish Communities (ECJC)and
there were quite a few Bulgarian Jews on my holiday.

A number of them were involved in Shalom which is the main Jewish organisation in

See this article >from Reuters entitled "Jews fondly
remember Bulgaria's wartime protection".

It links to a report of a meeting at which
the question of who saved the Jews was discussed. At that time there was some
dispute as to who had helped the Jews the most! There is no mention of your

The majority of Bulgaria's Jews were of Sephardi origin. I have an idea that
despite the fact that the Spanish Government was sympathetic to the Nazis, they
did offer protection to the Sephardi Jews, whose families had originally come from
Spain in 1492.

Nick Landau
London, UK

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