Followup on attempt to reach BLUMENBERG Relative #general

Leslie Weinberg <artsoul@...>

Some of you may remember the contact I made on "BLUMENBERG" who married into my
EISEN family. We discovered that my grandfather's sister married his
grandmother's brother. I was so excited especially since I had information on
survivors that he did not have, and he apparently, or his brother( who had
traveled to Tyczyn, Poland in the 80s and brought him numerous records) might have
the key to other family which I did not know about. He then stopped responding,
and despite three follow-up emails, I never heard another word. Many of you
suggested continuing to try, that there could have been numerous reasons for his
lack of response, such as illness, computer problems, and worst of all, possibly
even a death, so a couple of weeks ago I sent an email to his brother (to whom he
had been sending copies of his emails to me) stating who I was, what had
transpired in the emails between his brother and me, and that I hoped everyone was
well. I never received an answer! I want all of you who spurred me on that I
thank you, that I did follow through, and still have no response.
Leslie Weinberg
EISEN, BLUMENBERG - Paris, Tyczyn, Nagyvarad
IRAM - Tyczyn, Przybyszowka
SZEGAL - Nagyvarad
DANSKOY - Nezhin
WEINBERG, SOMINSKY - Sassmachen (Riga)

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