Non-Relation Photos - More info - Any Connections? #general

Robert Dodell <RADodell@...>

I have old photos of my grandfather.
Murray Greenman born 1902 in Russia, born came to the US when he was 4 years

Attended Syracuse University, New York in early 1920s. (Believe start in
1920 or 1921)
Exhibition dancing with a Murray Taylor at the University Dance at Syracuse.
After 3 years, left for medical school (3 years, leaving early due to early
acceptance to medical school),
Graduated George Washington University Medical School, Washington D.C, 1928.

Have many photos the include male friends >from college years, both >from
Syracuse and GW. Only name I have is Dr. Brownstein. Don't know if have
photo of Murray Taylor, but assume so.
If you have had a relation there, email me privately so we can see if I have
a photo of your relative.

Robert A. Dodell
Scottsdale, Arizona

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