Of What Use Old Photographs #general

Steve Orlen

Dear Robert & Cousins,

I get this terribly empty feeling feeling in my stomach when I think of
throwing old photographs away... So my solution would be this: if you're
going to make a "book" of some sort, which we all plan to do, or do
periodically, to share with our family, put these photos in simply to show
representative appearances of people in that time, at that place. In some
ineffable way, your more imaginative family members might even try to guess
at who these people were, what adventures they had with your grandfather.

Best, Steve Orlen
Tucson, AZ

BELKIN (Boguslav, Odessa), BOIM (Zasliai & ? Lithuania), MELNICK, LIBERMAN
ha COHEN, WEISBERG (Dvorets, Pinsk, Pochopovo, Montreal), ORLIN
(Boguslaviskis, Vilnius, Vieves, Zasliai), MEREMINSKY, EPSTEIN haLevi,
(Boguslav, Odessa, Alexandria, Palestine, Melbourne, Atlantic City,
Philadelphia, NY), ADELSON (Wysokidwor, Trakai), KABATCHNIK/FINN

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