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Jules Levin

"Stan Goodman" <SPAM_FOILER@...> wrote
This is about what I understood, yet Holland had quite a reputation
for saving its Jews; PR is a wonderful thing.
Speaking of PR, France is the WWII champ. French police arrested my wife's parents on
the Swiss border [we obtained the arrest records-- written in French, i.e., not German]
and shipped them to the Auschwitz-bound transport hub in Paris. I don't think that
Germans trusted even the Poles to operate under guise of authority without supervision.

As for Bulgarians, Albanians, Hungarians, Italians, etc., in general Jews in Axis-allied
countries survived better than in the occupied countries. Finland had a Jew on its
General Staff--refused to get rid of him when the German liaison told them to. One
shul I went to in LA had a shamas who was in a Rumanian labor battalion during the
war; he survived as a war prisoner in a Soviet prison camp. My wife's Berlin aunt
survived when an Italian government official who had met her before the war went to
Berlin, found her, and married her to get her back to Italy. He remained at his gov't
post throughout the war (and afterward!). I think that, with the noted variations others
have discussed, Axis allies could demonstrate their "independence" by protecting "their"
Jews in a way that the occupied nations could not. As for Denmark, the Scandinavian
countries and some others were regarded as candidates for Aryan status, and the
punishments for protecting Jews were less severe than they were in Poland, Ukraine, etc.
This is why I never get into the country-comparing game that some Jews indulge in--
*my* country was better for the Jews than *your* country!
Happy New Year to all Genners.
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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