GRUNWALD Minsk Mazoweiki Poland #general

Patrick Leonard <pottypat@...>

Researching Family Name GRUNWALD Minsk Mazoweiki, Poland.

My mothers name was Esther Grunwald? She was born in Minsk Mazoweiki. Her
family moved to Warsaw before the war possibly because of the scandal when
her sister married a local Gentile.
Her 2 brothers who remained behind with another sister and their children
died in the 'action' there. Her father, Chaim, died before the war.
Her mother, Rifka, was deported? with everyone else >from Warsaw. Only she
and her sister in Minsk Mazoweiki survived.
I have looked at the records on Minsk Mazoweiki and can find nothing about
them, but the family apparently was wealthy and owned companies. An
apartment block built in Warsaw still survives. Two uncles moved to America
before WWII. I have very little information as my mother passed away over 20
years ago and was reluctant to talk about it. Anyone help me?

Regards Patrick Leonard
United Kingdom

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