Russian translation needed/History of photographers' studios? #general

LISA BETROS <lk313@...>

Could someone translate the printing on the following photographs posted on
VM 6948
VM 6949
VM 6950

I'd like to know the name of the photographer's studio, its location, and
any clues as to the dates of the photos. Even if someone can discern a
general date -- for example, if it is possible to tell if the photos were
taken in the first or last half of the 19th c. -- it would be helpful.

Has anyone researched and catalogued the history of photographer's studios
such as these?

My elderly aunt gave me these photos and told me that it is most likely
that they are of relatives of my grandfather, Louis FALKOFF. She can't
remember who gave them to her.

Louis FALKOFF/Leibe FALKOV, b. 1881, in Ludza, Latvia (Liutzen, Russia),
or nearby - > Brooklyn, New York in 1909 - > Canton, Ohio in 1920, d. 1954
in Cleveland, OH (He was in England or Scotland before coming to New
York, and in Washington state at some point in time, but I don't know the

I'll post another email on the Falkoff family.

Please reply privately and I'll post a summary of the responses on the

Thank you.

Lisa Betros

MODERATOR NOTE: The direct URLs of the images are

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