Hans WOLFF #general

Steve Orlen

Dear Cousins,

Regarding my message of 14 October (below), I was told last night by a
cousin that Hans WOLFF ended up in Argentina, where he died. The cousin had
no other information. So, first, the same request applies. Second, thanks
to the many people why responded with information about the many HW's in

With humble apologies,

Steve Orlen
Tucson, AZ

(This is for my wife's MARX family tree. (The family originated in
Buttenhausen, Germany.) In the mid-1930's, Hans WOLFF emigrated >from
Stuttgart, Germany to Brazil, and was since then lost to his family. He
would have been born circa 1915 to Selma nee MARX and Theodore WOLFF. His
brother was Fritz. No one alive knows what city he settled in. I imagine
his is a fairly common name. In fact, several years ago I found several men
with that name in a Brazilian phone directory. Does this name &
circumstance ring any bells with our Brazilian cousins?)

Best, Steve Orlen
Tucson, AZ

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