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Irene K. <impromptus2002@...>

"What documents were required for the immigrant to
leave Russia or Poland for the US I have heard that a
Visa type of document was needed to
leave Russia. If so, where would these documents be
archived in Europe
(if at all)?"
There is a huge fond of files starting >from late
1860th in the Lithuanian State Historical archives.
Those files include application forms, personal
letters addressed to the governement, gover. replies,
and finally so called foreign passports of those
people who went abroad and returned to Lithuania. If a
family did not return their passports are missing. It
was not called "Visa" in old country, it was kind of
permission. If you ancestors lived in Oshmyany uezd,
Lida uyezd, Vilenskaya, Minsk and Kovno guberniyas
their files could be searcher in Vilnius archives. It
also importnat to know the exact year of departure,
the passports issued between 1914 and 1940 are in the
State archives also in Vilnius.
Those files in both archives are not indexed at all,
and the researcher should check each single paper in
order to find the right document. There are documents
of diplomats, aristocrats, foreign citizens and Jews
registered in different towns mixed together in one
file. Each year has 20-30 files.

Irene Kudish
Tel-Aviv, Israel
LIBKIND/LIPKIND, GLIKIN - Belarus, Lithuania

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