travel documents #general

Martin Tulkoff <mtulkoff@...>

We have the Russian passport that was issued to my mother-in-law and her
mother when they left Russia in 1917. They traveled through Vladivostock on
to Japan and then to Canada. It has the seals and handwritten signatures of
the immigration officials who checked it.

We also have the passport issued to my father-in-law's mother when she left
Russia with her two youngest children and came to Ellis Island in 1907.

I have no idea if there is any record of passports issued at the country of
origin. Some experienced JewishGenner will probably be able to answer that.

Sylvia Tulkoff
Baltimore, Maryland

"What documents were required for the immigrant to leave Russia or
Poland for the US (my ancesters entered via Ellis Is. >from Russia /
Poland). I have heard that a Visa type of document was needed to
leave Russia. If so, where would these documents be archived in Europe
(if at all)?"

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