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Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Just a point of information, but a curious part
of Ethiopian Jewish customs is that this is not

For example, if a boy >from Village A marries a
girl >from Village B, his siblings are barred from
marrying anyone else in the girl's family.

It was explained to me by a member of the
community that this was done to foster wider
connections with other families, networking of a
wider circle among the mainly rural settlements.

As the Ethiopians immigrated to Israel and lost
so many of their community leaders, the knowledge
of genealogy, which is essential to marriage
customs in that community, was lost.

The community has been developing a
computer-based genealogical database which helps
preserve the relationships and helps determine
who may marry whom. Interviews are conducted with
community elders and information gathered to help
the younger generations.

This is still a very important custom in the
community in Israel, and most Ethiopians know
their family histories going back seven or more

Even today, as young couples meet outside of
traditional cultural opportunities, parents will
investigate and see if the marriage is permitted.
Such unions are generally called off if they are
among the forbidden categories.

Just a side comment to the discussions.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv

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