Seeking Fay Berg from Silver Springs MD #general

Henry <henry@...>

Hi All,

I came accorss a Max FISCHLER (Yeshaya Meir son of Avraham Abba) dod. June 6
1920 at the age of 36. His wife Gussie (Gitel daughter of Simcha) dod. June
6 1959 at the age of 70. They are both buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery which
is located in Staten Island, NY. The only information they had was a Fay
BERG >from Silver Springs MD who buried Gussie. Its not indicated if she was
the next of kin. They were also a member of the Independent Stanislaver
Lodge which doest exist anymore.

I also know that Max's mother was a STEINBRECHER. I am researching the
STEINBRECHER family who came >from *Poland* and moved to Hungary.

Thank You

Henry Schwartz

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