Re: Codes for last residence column - SSDI #general

Mary B

This is not really an answer to your question but I think it is
important for people to know. When families of deceased American
citizens who die at a location outside the United States fill out their
death certificates, obviously the local post code is used for that
country. For example, my father died last year in Australia. Post codes
here are four digits. Unfortunately the private companies that post the
death indexes on the web, must be adding a zero in front to make up five
digits. This translated into a five-digit zip code for Naguabo, Puerto
Rico instead of Melbourne, Australia!

If you come across people in the death indexes who have died outside the
U.S., don't take it for granted that the location is correct.

Mary Blumenstein
Melbourne, Australia

Researching: BAUM/Svidnik, Satoraljaujhely, Hungary. BERNER/KATZ/
Kvakovce,Michalovce, Slovakia

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