Re: Lost Landsmanshaften #general


To add to the posting yesterday regarding finding lost landsmanshaften:

1. The Cemetery database is JOWBR...JewishGen Online WorldWide Burial Registry....
a JewishGen project (just a reminder....we are all on the JewishGen discussion
list....and, JewishGen need volunteers to enter a great deal of accumulated
data...go to the JewishGen home on volunteers or go to )

2. The NY JGS (ada green) has organized wonderful databases of landsmanshaften
information at (this is the same volunteer organization
that is bringing us the 2006 conference in NYC next summer)

3. The YIVO in NYC has files on many of these landsmanshaften, but you need to go
there in person to peruse the files and they are often in yiddish. A list of
these files is at

4. There is a Jewishgen infofile on landsmanshaften, its slightly out of date but
interesting, nonetheless...
Happy Hunting!
Phyllis Kramer, Wilton, Conn & Palm Beach, Fla, researching (mostly Galicia):
STECHER, TRACHMAN,>from Zmigrod, Dukla, Krosno
KRAMER, BEIM, WISNER >from Jasienica
SCHEINER, KANDEL, SCHIMMEL >from Strzyzow, Dubiecko
LINDNER, EICHEL >from Rohatyn (also Iasi, Romania)

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