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Michael Trapunsky <trapunsky@...>

Hi all,

I'm looking for any information on the ZAWISHYNSKI, BROMBERG & GARNICK
families >from Wyskzow & Warsaw.

Shea ZAWISHYNSKI and Sarah (nee GOLDSTEIN) - my wife's great great
grandparents - lived in Wyskzow (or possibly Warsaw) in the mid 1800's.
They had the following 4 children that I am aware of:

1- Menashe ZAWISHYNSKI - had a daughter named Sarah who moved to Israel. I
know nothing else about his family or any other children.

2- Zelig ZAWISHYNSKI - married Rivka MANDELKO. They had seven children.
Their son Yakov moved to Israel while 3 of his daughters - Anna, Jenny, and
Sylvia - moved to the USA. I don't know anything about the other 3 children.

3- Yisroel Tzvi Hirsch ZAVIN (1871- 1939) - married Chana Rivka GARNICK
(1882-1946) - daughter of Shabsai Zelig & Faiga GARNICK.

Yisroel and Chana ZAVIN were my wife's great grandparents. They changed
their surname to ZAVIN when they came to the USA in 1925. They had 7 children.

4- Leah ZAWISHYNSKI (1882-1940) - married Itzik BROMBERG and had 5
children: Morris, Sarah, Yossi, Max, and Hymie. The came to the USA in the
1920's and lived in the Bronx.

If anyone knows anything about these families, or any other ZAWISHYNSKI
and/or GARNICK families, I would really love to hear back >from you.

Thank you very much,

Michael Trapunsky
Queens, New York

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