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Joseph Fibel <JFibel@...>

Dear Genners,

Meir Gover, wrote asking about records of the ships coming into Israel
apparently before and after the declaration of the State of Israel.

In addition to the book(let) by Paul Silverstone, a marine historian, titled
Clandestine Immigration to Palestine 1938-1948,
there are two additional books that discuss this subject. The first of these
is by Mordechai Naor called Haapala-Clandestine Immigration, 1931-1948. This
book was published by the Ministry of Defence Publishing House and IDF
Museum. A third Book called The Jews Secret Fleet discusses the same
subject with specific reference to the American effort and involvement of
this illegal immigration (declared so after WW II by the British.)

Paul Silverstone may have additional copies of his book. I obtained my
copies of the other books in Haifa at the Museumn of Illegal Immigration I
doubt that the second of these is available in the U S. The third one may

I am interested in the subject because cousins came to Israel in 1948, on
the Altalena also arrive there a few days after the State had been declared.

Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

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