Re: Working Backwards from Certificate of Naturalization #general

Burt Hecht <burt1933@...>

RE: Certificate of Naturalization, etc.

Having found the 1st Papers (Intention), Petition for Citizenship, and final
Certificate -- all executed after 1910 -- in a County Clerk's Office in New
York State, I believe that certain Clerk's Offices are more diligent in
retaining their County Judges' records as well as sending it to the Federal
Agencies for repository. So that as late as 1926 my grandfather and father
each and severally received their certificates at a County venue. Maybe
smaller jurisdictions had at the time Less of a storage problem than the
larger municipal courts? Anyway, with patience and according respect to our
municipal keepers of records, papers get filed correctly, found and even
copies for our inquisitive genealogists.

Burt Hecht

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