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Dorothy Harper <dorothyharper17@...>

I have been reading through my Jewishgen digests and noticed some people
concerned about privacy with our families on the internet.

I have Family Tree Maker, with a Home Page and I am just beginning to put my
"book" on my home page.

I went to google. com and typed in: " Kaplan Dorothy"

The second article was me: (apparently there are other famous Dorothy
Kaplans, not me)

"Kaplan Family Genealogy ForumEzra Kaplan & Fanny Cohen, Russia to Conn. to
Canada - Dorothy Kaplan/Hochberg/Harper 11/02/02. Re: Ezra Kaplan & Fanny
Cohen, Russia to Conn. to Canada ... - 26k - Cached - Similar pages "

I then clicked and got several other Kaplan researchers.;q=Kaplan+Dorothy&btnG=Google+Search

I don't know why, but this disturbs me. Obviously my family hasn't been
harrased since I started my genealogy, I am wondering what others think of
this. I have a feeling that if I typed in all my family names I would come
up with my Family Tree.

I remember that years ago I notified Google to delete my home phone number,
when clicked on it gave not only my address but a map on how to get to my

We are all on the internet. This is a fact of life. Should we be

Dorothy Kaplan Hochberg (Harper)


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