Do you recognize? (Photo ID) #general

Flo Elman

Dear Genners,
I have a photo of a young fellow on Viewmate. It is very important that we
learn his identification. Today, he would be quite old, and have roughly
children in their late fifties. He lived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and may
have moved there about 1939 (*possibly* >from Poland or elsewhere in Eastern
Europe). If you recognize him, and can give me his name or any other
information, please let me know. Responses should be be sent directly to
me - *not* to the List. The file will remain on the JewishGen ViewMate site
for at least 7 days.

The file is up on the ViewMate site -
- as file - VM7023

Thanks a lot,
Florence Elman

MODERATOR NOTE: The direct URL to the image is:

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