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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

With the mapping programs available today, anyone with your address can type
it in and get a map that points to your location. (Google merely automated
that process for the convenience of your friends.) Anyone who has your
phone number can enter it in a reverse directory (several are on-line) hand
have a good chance of finding your address.

And *anyone* who puts their name on a web site or in an email sent to a
mailing list will find that a search engine will list them. Messages on
lists are archived and available, like web sites, for the programs that
harvest and index information for inclusion in the search engines. That is
how, and part of why, search engines are such useful things.

If you don't like this, you had best, move to a different address, get a new
phone number, and stay off the internet in all its forms.

Should you be concerned? If you lived in a small town even 50 years ago,
the others in the town would know more about you than has been revealed by
the above described sources. Would you have been concerned?

The major concern these days is identity theft. For that you want to
control your social security number and perhaps your date of birth and
signature. Your phone number is likely of little value in that regard.
These thieves work at long distance and are, in my opinion, unlikely to want
to visit your home.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

"Dorothy Harper" < dorothyharper17@... > wrote in message

I have been reading through my Jewishgen digests and noticed some people
concerned about privacy with our families on the internet.

I have Family Tree Maker, with a Home Page and I am just beginning to putmy
"book" on my home page.

I went to google. com and typed in: " Kaplan Dorothy"

The second article was me: (apparently there are other famous Dorothy
Kaplans, not me)

"Kaplan Family Genealogy ForumEzra Kaplan & Fanny Cohen, Russia to Conn. to
Canada - Dorothy Kaplan/Hochberg/Harper 11/02/02. Re: Ezra Kaplan & Fanny
Cohen, Russia to Conn. to Canada ... - 26k - Cached - Similar pages "

I then clicked and got several other Kaplan researchers.

I don't know why, but this disturbs me. Obviously my family hasn't been
harrased since I started my genealogy, I am wondering what others think of
this. I have a feeling that if I typed in all my family names I would come
up with my Family Tree.

I remember that years ago I notified Google to delete my home phone number,
when clicked on it gave not only my address but a map on how to get to my

We are all on the internet. This is a fact of life. Should we be

Dorothy Kaplan Hochberg (Harper)
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