Warts and All #general


I believe we should tell all the stories.
Of course there should be a big distinction between stories, facts and

I found out by accident of checking the Internet that a person with the same
surname as my cousin went into Bankruptcy. Then I found out the cause was
excessive gambling in Poker Tournaments. This cousin, to whom I have little
immediate knowledge, asked me for genealogical information on his family for his
granddaughter for a school project. Since there were two people with the
same name >from the Internet, I sent the info and asked him if he knew who this
person with the Bankruptcy was and also the other person with the same surname.
It turned out that the person with the Bankruptcy and the gambling problem
was his son. He knew nothing about it as they were estranged for a while. The
son was angered to the point of wanting to sue me for divulging this
information to his father, which of course was common knowledge and easily
accessible on the Web.
To make a long story short, my cousin and I no longer are in contact with
one another.
But the warts remain in the file and I find no reason to remove them.

Mel Oshins


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