Berlin marriages 1868/9 translation please? #general

bettina glass <bettinaglass@...>

English is my only language, but I try to understand as much German as I can
before enlisting help. I am currently searching LDS film 477302, Berlin
marriages 1865-1871. I understand the gist of the records and the names are
easily identified. However, I would like a literal translation so that I can
identify all the German words in the old handwriting. The reading is very
slow for me and I worry that I am missing something. Can someone please send
me a literal translation of all the wording >from any Berlin marriage record
from this film without necessarily stating the actual names ? The
handwriting is very small and difficult for me to identify. Basically, every
record appears to be in the same format, using the same words except for
names and occupations and where stated, home towns. Even just identifying
all the German words would help. I can then try to translate them myself.
One friend has already given me a free translation of the main parts of a
record, but I don't want to strain the friendship by asking for more. This
additional help would be much appreciated. Please respond privately:
Bettina Glass, far north Queensland, Australia.

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