My brick wall - the KRONEN family #general

Ira Leviton

Dear Cousins,

Even before I became interested in genealogy, my father, who's 94,
often wondered what happened to the children of our relative Charles
KRONEN. Although I've found relatives far and wide, this small family
branch has almost completely stumped me, and I'm asking for help.

Charles Kronen was born in Rypin, Poland, immigrated to the U.S. at
about age 19 in 1921, settled on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and
married Yetta Fein in 1923. He drove a laundry truck, and they had three
children -- Morris in 1923, Fredrick in 1926, and Fannie some time after
the 1930 census. (Charles, Yetta, Morris, and Fredrick are listed on the
1930 census). In 1938, at about age 35, Charles died >from tuberculosis,
and thereafter Yetta did not keep in touch with his side of the family.

My father has childhood memories of Charles >from Rypin, Poland (where
he was Chaim Krzeczanowski) and also visited him a short time after
arriving in the U.S. when he was dying in Montefiore Hospital in the
Bronx, N.Y.

I have simply been unable to find his surviving children or
grandchildren. I've looked in the usual places as well as some less
common sources: the Social Security death index, white pages on the
Internet, databases of a large well-known commercial very genealogically
oriented company, New York City marriage indices every year >from 1938
through 19xx at the Municipal Archives (the latest that are publicly
available), ledgers of both Supreme Courts in New York (Manhattan) County
that do name changes, Surrogate's Court of New York County, various
on-line obituaries, and New York State annual death indices through 1955
at NARA (also the latest that are publicly available).

By looking through the N.Y.C. death indices for every year >from 1938 to
1982 at the New York Public Library, I discovered that Fred was killed in
a car accident while passing through East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. He
was single at the time (only 20 years old), travelling with friends, and
his death certificate indicated that at the time he still lived with his
mother on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. I obtained and read the
issues of the Stroudsburg Recordxxx that reported the accident, and
although there was some detail, there was no information that to help me
determine where his siblings lived afterward. His survivors were listed
as his father Charles (an error), his mother Yetta, and siblings Morris
and Fannie.

The family was very poor -- Fred's mother declined to claim his body,
but because he had been in the Navy, the local chapter of the Veterans of
Foreign Wars buried him in Beth Israel Cemetery, a small cemetery in East
Stroudsburg. I wrote to the VFW and obtained some information, but again
nothing they provided pointed me to the current whereabouts of his family.
I even visited his grave in East Stroudsburg, but his tombstone, which
was also arragned by the VFW, had no information that was new to me, and
the small roadside cemetery had no additional information. Yetta also was
apparently unable to arrange for a marker for Charles when he died, so it
was put up by his landsmanschaft; neither they nor Baron Hirsch Cemetery
on Staten Island where he is buried has any information.

Charles' siblings all went >from Rypin to Israel. Although they're all
long gone, none of them ever heard anything >from or about their nephews
(Morris and Fred) or niece (Fannie) -- they even used to ask my father if
he knew anything, so I believe that it's unlikely that they went to
Israel. Morris and Fannie both could've died before 1962 (making them
hard to find), moved out of the U.S., or changed their names someplace
else besides N.Y.C., but I haven't been able to turn up any clue about

My father recently asked me again if I have found any information. All
suggestions for more rocks to overturn will be appreciated.

Ira Leviton
New York, N.Y.

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